How To Manage Social Media While In A Relationship

Just when we thought relationships couldn’t get any more complicated, then just over a decade ago came the age of social media with the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And ever since its arrival, it has opened up a new toxic layer to relationships, which many have fallen victim to. Including 21-year-old Morehouse College student, Christian Bryant, who discovered that he’d been blocked by his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day after posting what he thought was a “funny” video.

“I posted a video of this dude and he was showing off his cuffs, and the caption was, ‘all this cuff, and I’m still lonely'” Bryant explained. “Next thing I knew, she spazzed on me and we argued for an entire day.”

“In my mind, it wasn’t anything serious, but she obviously wasn’t having that. We still haven’t had a full conversation since then,” he added.

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